Golf Rival Cheats to Collect Coins and Gems

golf rival cheats

Golf Rival is the new buzz in the android and iOS market of playing golf on your mobile. The game has recently updated its features and made the rewarding system more efficient to play without spending money.

This post is about all those Golf Rival Cheats that will ensure your regular increment of coin packs.

Golf Rival Cheats, Tips, and Tricks

Daily Login Bonus

Daily Login Bonus

The game used to provide you coins or gems for daily login in earlier days also. But with the new update of Golf Rival, you can collect an additional four rewards.

If you go to the daily login section, you will find regular free coins that you can collect immediately. It is none other than the best Golf Rival Free Coins Hack to earn them all. But below that, you will find another four options of collecting gems, chests, and coins. All you need to do is to watch four commercial ads of other games and apps.

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These commercials are entirely harmless, and you can watch only thirty seconds of these videos to collect the rewards. However, you cannot obtain the rewards as your choice. The rewards unlock as you receive the previous bonus.

Daily Deals

Daily Deals

Daily deals are exclusive packs for collecting Special balls, clubs, or coins. They are purchased with the coins in your pocket. But there are some great cheats for golf rival game that will help you collect some stuff for free.

Daily if you go to the deal section, you will find one free card. That card does not require money to collect. The collection refreshes every sixteen hours. Get your notification on and receive this free pack.

Facebook Connection

Social media connection is excellent among Golf Rival cheats. With a single click of a button, you can connect your game account with your Facebook account.

There are multiple benefits of this Golf Rival hack. Primarily you can collect one platinum chest free after your game is connected on Facebook. The Platinum chest is a mine of excellent prizes that will ensure your wins at the early stage of the game.

When you are connected with Facebook, you can find friends playing the game. Also, you can invite players to play the game, and each invitation will give you 500 coins.

Through Facebook connection, you can exchange gifts and coins among your friends. Now you will think about what will happen if you do not have many friends. The solution is simple. Create a secondary account and exchange the gifts between your primary and secondary accounts.

Exchange Diamonds and Coins

Diamonds are the strongest currency in the game. You can get coins in exchange for diamonds. There are many purchases that require diamonds or coins. When you need each of them, you can get it through the store.


Golf Rival will be entertaining when you know all the above Golf Rival hacks and then use them efficiently. Play a lot of matches and collect the game prizes.

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