Pixel Car Racer – Game Features to Understand Game Properly

Pixel Car Racer Features

Racing games are nothing without great cars and great models, but when they have great features, then they are just the ultimate level of racing games.

In mobile games there are so many racing games are available. Among thousands of racing games, Pixel Car Racer is a unique game as well, and in the game, there are so many features available that make it a perfect racing game that has pixel graphics.

Pixel graphics remind of video and Nintendo games, but in mobile games, the experience is better and higher.

If you are playing Pixel Car Racer, then you should know some great features of the game that will help you know about the game even more.

Features of Pixel Car Racer

Amazing Designs of Cars and Locations

As I mentioned above that Pixel Car Racer has pixel graphics, and there are very few games that are still using pixel graphics.

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Pixel graphics look so amazing even after so many years, and more than that design of cars and location looks so great and correct that is what players love about the game.

Players can log in With Facebook

It’s a great thing that players can log in to Pixel Car Racer with facebook also. Social media accounts are mostly in use, and it will save the progress of the game without losing any kind of data of players.

Login using Facebook will lead you to earn even more login rewards in the game.

For the complete list of rewards and ways that you can earn them, After reaching a higher level and unlocking so many cars in the game, mostly things to save the progress, and if they have a facebook account, then they can save it without any efforts.

New and Special Car Interior

Options and choices are every player wants, and when players are playing Pixel Car Racer, they can change the interior of the car as well.

It’s a modification thing of the game, and players can add it. While playing any race, players can choose whenever the interior they want for the race.

Manual & Auto Gear

If you have played many racing games before, then you must know that every game doesn’t support manual gears, but with Pixel Car Racer, players can have its feature.

Players can shift gears manually as well, which is a great thing to be a perfect player. It can make the experience better too and available for every kind of car.

Ultimate Amazing Cars

In Pixel Car Racer, so many types of cars are available, and if you think that you want to unlock the higher power of the car, then you have to make so much effort and win so many races.

In the game, almost 100 cars are available, and every car is unique in power and designs. Some cars have a great pickup, and some are so fast, and that is what players have to choose what car they prefer to play the race.

These are some great features that Pixel Car Racer provides, even though there are many more great features that developers have added in the game, but these are some special ones.

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