The Sims Mobile Cheats & Hack To Get Unlimited Free Simcash & Simoleons

sims mobile cheats

The Sims Mobile is a treat to all the players who like to play simulation games. The game is all about playing with life and showing your creativity by creating unique sims.

While playing the game, everyone wants to make quick progress, and if it doesn’t happen then the game becomes a bore.

For making fast progress, you should have sufficient in-game resources and currencies. If you know legit Sims mobile cheats to earn resources in the game, then your game become more attractive.

Simcash and Simoleons are the main currencies in the sims mobile game. You have to do lots of hard work to get these currencies. But the sims mobile hack to earn money will help you to make progress in the game.

In our real life, we need money to enhance our lifestyle similarly the sims mobile is much like our real world. You need to have sufficient money to improve the sims lifestyle.

Making money in the sims mobile is a little bit difficult, but sims mobile free Simcash hack plays a vital role to get money quickly in the game.

You can build a dream life for your sims only if you have the required amount of resources. We have gathered below some of the useful the sims mobile hack to earn money with fewer efforts.

13 Best Sims Mobile Cheats & Hack To Earn Free Simcash Simoleons in Game

1. Watch Commercials

One of the simplest ways to earn Simoleons is to watch the commercials. The players who don’t want to do much hard work they must use this sims mobile hack.

While playing the game, you can see the pop-up message to watch the videos. Tap on these messages and earn a tiny amount of Simoleons as a reward for watching it. These ads are not too long, they only take 10 to 30 seconds of you, but the reward you get are worth watching.

The advertisements are mostly related to the promotional activities for the newly launched game so that you can update your knowledge regarding the latest games in the mobile gaming world.

2. Focus On To-Do List Regularly

On the bottom right side of your game screen, you can find a to-do list that informs you about the tasks that have to be performed to earn Simcash and Simoleons.

The task like completing the 2 relationships or family event, buy lifestyle items or change in the look, earrings or watch, these 3 easy tasks will help you to earn 180 Simoleons.

There are some tasks in that list that help you to earn gems. Hence, make sure to complete all the tasks because this is the excellent opportunity for you to earn Simoleons and gems regularly.

3. Participate in the Events

The developers of the game keep on arranging different events regarding hobby, career and social interest of the sims.

Make sure you will participate in such events because engaging in such activities helps you to earn massive rewards like Simoleons, Simcash and tickets.

For example, there is a hobby event called Market square music fest that will be organized at the market square park, and you can show your musical talent.  After completing this task, you will get some right amount of in-game resources and 160 Simcash.

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While participating in the events be alert of time limitations. Every events is for a limited time, and you have to fulfil all the event tasks in that period only to earn rewards. You cannot claim your rewards once the time comes to an end for the event.

Make sure your sims is full of energy to perform the tasks in events, or you have to restore their power by using cupcakes before you enter into the task.

4. Complete Quests

If you want to earn some of the premium currency like a sim and home tickets, then you have to complete these quests. Solving the quests is one of the best the sims mobile hack that boosts up the money earning speed in the game.

Solving the quests helps your sims to level up in the process. The quests tasks will keep on refreshing with new tasks as soon as you accomplish the current tasks.

Hence, whenever you get trouble to earn Simcash quickly, don’t forget to take a look at your quest list that helps you most of the money in the sims mobile game.

5. Put Your Sims in Long Event

Putting your sims in long events is one of the best ways to earn rewards when you are going away from the game for a longer time.

You can earn rewards by staying away from the game by putting your sims on more extended events. If you place your sims in such activities, then you can collect more XP and Simcash that helps you to achieve your goals.

Keep sims active while staying away from the game; otherwise, you will miss the chance to earn rewards in your absence.

6. Level Up

If you want to earn currency and new home items, then you have to keep levelling up your sims. You have to earn EXP points to level up your sims. You can get these EXP points by completing relationships, hobby and work events.

7. Arrange Parties For Your Friends

Arranging parties for your in-game friends and invite them to your home. You can also be a part of various in-game parties. Parties are the only way to collect life prize and if you are lucky enough then you will also get this prize. You can receive Simoleons through this life prizes.

8. Allow Your Sims to Go On Driving

If you wish to earn lifestyle points and Simoleons, then you have to permit your sims to go out and drive.  Collect music notes while driving to get additional LP points and money.

9. Take A Look At Event Freebies Bag

Event freebies bag appear daily on your game screen while any of the current events going on in the game. Tap on the events icon that navigates you to the quests and goodies page. Tap on the view button that lies under the goodies bag and collect your rewards on every day during the event period.

10. Connect the Game with Facebook

Link your game with social networks to get some additional benefits. You can play the game on multiple devices and resume the game from where you left. Linking Facebook to your games allow you to interact with your friends and their sims.

You can even connect with the players from all over the world by using this sims mobile hack. You can see the sims of your friends roaming around you so that you can interact with them and develop the relationships to earn relationship points.

11. Daily Log-in Rewards

Daily login rewards is one more exclusive hack to get some unique rewards. Make sure you will go into the game regularly because this helps you to grab a good amount of Simoleons.

Playing the game is not necessary to get these rewards but log in to the game is a must. This will also help you to grab some energy.

12. Take Part In Competitions

Allow your sims to participate in various competitions regarding hobbies like ballet, ghost hunting or karate. These competitions not only help you to get some freebies but also increase the skills of your sims.

13. Take Benefit Of Different Offers at Game Store

The game store is the place where you can get all the resources by spending real money. You should visit the game store regularly to take advantage of different discount offers that help you to get the maximum resources in minimum spending.

Disclaimer: We do not recommend our readers to use any illegal sources like mod apk files or Simcash generators to get resources in the game. We encourage our players to use the only legit hack and cheats to enhance their gaming experience.

Sims Mobile Cheats: Truth Behind Mod Apk Hack & Simcash Generator

Modded Apk files for the game are from third-party sources and not at all reliable. These modded versions promise you to give you unlimited resources and offline gameplay. All those promises are fake and modded versions allow you to play the game until you reach a certain level. Once you reach that level, you have to download the in-game data or next version of apk files.

Sims mobile Simcash generator is an online hack tool that attracts the player by assuring them to give unlimited in-game resources. Many websites are there on the internet that promotes this sims mobile hack tool. These generators are fake, and one should not opt this way to get the resources in the game.

The worst part of these hack tools are that they used to collect personal information. They ask for like game id, name, number of resources, email id etc. do not provide this information to illegal tools; otherwise, they use this information to hack your game.

Using generators or modded version may damage your device as such hack tools contain a virus that is harmful to your device. Hence, stay away from such scams and use only reliable sims money cheats that enhance your game.


Using real in-game methods are only legal and working sims mobile cheats and hacks that users should use in their game. All other generator tools, mod apk files and online hacks are scams, and they should be avoided.

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